Days of constructivism in the Urals

There are 140 buildings in this avant-garde style in Ekaterinburg.

In 1920-1930s the best Soviet architects made a great contribution to the world architecture offering a completely new approach to the construction of buildings which was inspired by the romance of socialism. They sincerely tried to realize an utopian dream to settle the new Soviet man in a new space.

Exhibition’s curators apply anthropological approach to the study of avant-garde architecture. In the field of social and artistic reflection you can see five constructivist complexes: Chekist’s Town, the complex of houses "Gospromural" and "Uraloblsovet", Medical Town and Justice Town. All of them were built in seven years and were intended for dwelling of invited specialists and their families.

At the exhibition the viewer's attention is attracted by the artifacts (photos, items, etc.) testifying to active life in the space of constructivist complexes. Visual material is supplemented by quotations from interviews with the oldest residents and employees of these complexes.

For the first time we have tried to show Constructivist monuments through the prism of everyday life (holidays and working days) of their inhabitants.

This approach allows you to "revive" the congealed evidence of the Soviet industrial era, symbols of which they were, and see how the architectural matrix of Soviet modernist style has grown into the social body of the city forming what we are today.



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